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WiseLion LLC is a business management consultancy helping companies better understand and analyze their external landscape and develop, implement and monitor long-term, sustainable strategies that yield competitive advantage.

  1. Sustainability Leadership
    Sustainability Leadership
    Working with companies in the energy sector to understand and develop their Social License to Operate.
  2. Process Redesign
    Process Redesign
    Map existing processes and identify opportunities to achieve faster cycle times with enhanced performance.
  3. Competitive Intelligence Programs
    Competitive Intelligence Programs
    Design and implement global competitive intelligence programs to centralize information gathering and analysis to consistently stay ahead of competition.
  4. Revenue Growth
    Revenue Growth
    Assess opportunities to diversify and profitably grow revenue streams. Develop and implement strategies to realize goals.
In today's world, all business strategy must incorporate an element of sustainability - defined by the Brundtland Report as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  Sustainability is not a silo that operates on its own, but rather a necessary business perspective in developing smart and lasting business strategies. 
In our blog, we explore  topics of sustainability and how they relate to business strategy. 
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