Product diversification for a global food company
The company and roots in plant-baseed foods and had grown rapidly through both organic growth and acquisition.  It now wanted to diversify further and was considering a target acquisition within the better-for-you salty snack segment.  WiseLion helped analyze the category as a whole as well as the target acquisition’s standing and performance relative to its competition and its potential fit within the company’s product portfolio.  
Process redesign at a national bank
The bank would soon be rolling out a new technology platform.  In preparation, they sought to improve operational efficiency by eliminating manual, redundant and unnecessary processes.  WiseLion helped define and document the future state business flows, identify immediate opportunities to improve existing processes and instill a process improvement orientation within the bank’s culture.
Market segmentation and growth at national textbook publisher
The $20 million dollar family business had experienced declining revenues and profits for the past five years.  WiseLion conducted primary and secondary research to analyze and assess industry and company dynamics to identify the core issue.  Insights on changing consumer behavior, advances in technology, evolving competitive landscape and transformations within the industry identified a new market segmentation that highlighted new opportunities for the company to pursue.
Profitability improvement for large yoga studio
The yoga studio saw significant rise in the number of competitors in the region and waning profits as a result.  WiseLion helped identify strategies to reduce costs and diversify its product offering in order to both differentiate itself and improve profitability were identified.  The various opportunities were assessed and go-to-market strategies for viable opportunity identified. Implemented strategies resulted in increased market share, a diversified product offering and an improved bottom line.
Identifying competitive advantage in collaborative consumption
A local car-share organization needed to understand its ability to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace.  WiseLion helped the client assess where the marketplace was heading, how the competitive landscape was evolving and what key competitors' strategies were.  This foresight helped the client identify its unique strengths given future trends, explore potential opportunities available and formulate strategies and actions that focused on leveraging its competitive advantage.
Dasboard design and implementation for global CPG company
The R&D group of a global CPG company was having difficulty
communicating the value of their research spend with business
executives.  WiseLion helped identify the links between the research
investment and new product launches and then developed a dashboard to
visually communicate those links.  This helped better guide the business
in R&D investment decisions and helped the R&D group achieve
greater success.
Understanding sustainability in conventional energy
WiseLion has engaged in projects within the mining and O&G sectors to better understand what sustainability and social license to operate means for the industry and for the particular client.  Much of the work was conducted in concjunction with other consultants and universities to assess the current state of conventional energy and envision a future that considers all stakeholder needs.
Strategic Planning
WiseLion has worked with a many companies in various industries to lead or assist in their strategic planning process.  Projects have included creating a company's first strategic plan to refreshing an existing plan or developing the plan for a new strategic direction.
Workshop Facilitiation
WiseLion has developed and delivered workshops that span half-a-day to three days across a breadth of industries and with a variety of goals.  Participants include senior managers through top executives, and goals vary from brainstorms to identify new opportunities to developing an execution roadmap.